March 28, 2009

Why I Became a Personal Historian

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I started in video over ten years ago as a creative outlet. I received my Certificate in Multimedia from the University of California Santa Cruz extension and was fortunate enough to live in Palo Alto and as a resident could use the MidPenisula Media Center facilities for my video productions. Annie, Jessie, Elliot, Mrs. Roddy and crew — both staff and volunteers — were great and I learned so much there. I was involved with many productions, including some of my own… but, let’s fast forward several years.

I was asked to create a video tribute for my parents 50th anniversary celebration. This was a life changing experience for me. In going through the many photo albums and 8mm film in my parents attic, I found a treasure trove of untold stories. With every photo that turned into a story, I learned more about my parents. I had no idea (nor did I remember) that my parents enjoyed getting together with friends, who brought their own instruments (e.g. clarinet, drums, tambourine) and played along with the music until the very early hours in the morning! They sure knew how to have a good time — much more fun than the parties I’ve been too!

The personal satisfaction and joy that I got from this production drove me to focus my creative outlet. With a few Google searches I found out about the Association of Personal Historians. They were planning to have their annual conference in Portland, Oregon that year — only a few month away. I continued my research, developed a business plan and decided to start my own Personal History business: Vikkyd Productions, Inc. Attending the conference was invaluable to get me started on a successful course. It provided limitless opportunities for me to develop my skills and network amongst like-minds.

It’s been several years since my parents 50th anniversary celebration video (video tribute) and I have had the priviledge to produce many tributes since then. I have also produced Oral Histories, Video Biographies and many other video, audio and print productions — all about telling stories. Through each story, I have grown closer to the people involved and to my community. This year, Friday Harbor is celebrating their centennial. Providing my services to the community is the high point of my business — thus far. Too bad we can’t be celebrating 100 years — every year!


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