January 14, 2010

Loving 50!

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Last month I turned 50! For months before my birthday I reflected on my life and what I have accomplished and where I wished I’ve done better. One area that I have struggled for all of my adult life and much of my adolescent years is my weight and physical fitness. Since my teenage years, I always thought of myself as being too heavy. It’s ironic, I was looking at photos of me as a teenager and in my 20s and I was NOT heavy! Sure, I wasn’t model-thin, but I was definitely in a healthy weight range.

I began to gain more weight in my 30s and 40s, and I lost some of it — many times — only to gain it back plus more!  By medical standards — I was obese! Yikes! (Obesity is defined at being 20% over your ideal weight.) I would join Weight Watchers and I would quit Weight Watchers. I would start exercising and train for some event… Danskin Triathlon, 1/2 marathons, 10Ks. I would complete the events and then I would quit exercising, quickly returning to the couch potato state.

In September, I joined a program at our local fitness club — Community Healthy Weight Challenge (CHWC). Along with the progam, I followed Weight Watchers (again!) and started listening to the Inside Out Weight Loss podcasts. I am thrilled to report that I lost 16 pounds in 12 weeks and I won 3rd place at the club! When I started in September, I made a goal for myself to stick with CHWC and that I would give myself a shopping spree as a gift for my 50th birthday. Okay — it wasn’t the kind of shopping spree that Progresso Soup is currently offering, but a $500 spree at a nearby outlet center with great shops like Coldwater Creek, Liz Clarborne and many more! (Thanks Mom and Dad for the generous birthday gift of the money for my spree!)

I had so much fun! My birthday was on a Tuesday and I discovered that the outlet center offers a 10% discount for seniors 50 and over on Tuesdays!! I had to show my driver’s license for proof of age and heard many “Happy Birthdays”. I spent SIX hours shopping! I felt like that scene from “Pretty Woman” where Julia Roberts was shopping on Rodeo Drive. And I fit into clothes 2 size smaller than before.

I managed to lose another 4 pounds over the holidays and in the beginning of January. I’m half way to my weight goal. The club is starting another session of CHWC and I plan to do it again. This time, I want to focus on exercising regularly.  I am discovering so many wonderful resources on the internet. In future posts I will share these resources with you, along with my progress… my story.

I entered Roni’s Souper Duper Contest!

Check out Roni’s Weight Loss Blog for more information.


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