September 1, 2011

Enjoying Fruits and Vegetables? Yeah, Right!

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I never liked eating fruit and vegetables. Sure, my mom would make me eat them when I was growing up, but the first chance I was on my own and in college, I ditched them in favor of pizza, hamburgers, French fries, garlic bread, ice cream, pasta and more pasta. I never really craved the sweets (although some dark chocolate sounds wonderful right about now!). My vices were mostly creamy and savory.

Over the next 25+ years I struggled with my weight, reaching a high of 200 pounds! I joined Weight Watchers a bunch of  times, only to lose a few pounds and quitting several weeks after joining. Two years ago I was turning fifty and couldn’t bear being ‘Fifty and Fat’. I dusted off all my Weight Watchers literature and joined Weight Watchers online for a 7-days trial to see what’s new. Nothing much has changed at the time, so I started the program on my own with the support of a ‘Community Healthy Weight Challenge’ program at my local fitness club.

It took many months, but I was very disciplined in keeping track of my food and exercise – not going over the allotted points. I lost 40 lbs, while still managing to eat… you guessed it… pizza, hamburger, French fries, garlic bread, ice cream, pasta and more pasta! Unfortunately, the weight started creeping up again, so I decided to join Weight Watchers – again. This time, I went to the meetings every week and I paid closer attention to the Good Health Guidelines. I had no choice but to eat healthier. After all, the NEW Weight Watchers Point Plus program totally sabotaged my eating habits – making my favorites a GAZILLION points and making fruits and vegetables ZERO points! How dare they!!

Slowly, I changed my evil ways. I switched fruit juice for breakfast (too many points) to fresh fruit. I was amazed at how much more filling fresh fruits are and I didn’t even miss the fruit juice. Then I made a pact with myself that I would have AT LEAST two, often three, servings of vegetables for lunch, while I still was motivated. I knew if I waited until dinner, I would never do it. I’m always tired by the time I get home, with no will power. I’ve had so much fun discovering interesting (and yummy) ways to eat my vegetables for lunch. With these new ‘habits’, I am back at my goal weight – Woo-Hoo!! And you know what? I found a way to still eat SOME of my vices too! Check out these recipes for ice cream and pasta… eat these AND you will be eating your fruits and vegetables. No kidding!

Banana Soft Serve ‘Ice Cream’ (from Green Lite Bites)

Broccoli Pasta (‘Slaw and Order’ from Hungry Girl)


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